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Price: $670.92 Metrics
OS: 823.8 M 54 % ROE
Market cap: $553 B 186 % ROIC
Net debt: $10.5 B 1.3 x Debt/EBITDA
EV: $563 B

TTM Valuation
EBITDA $8.0 B 70.2 x EV/EBITDA
EBIT $3.2 B 175.2 x EV/EBIT
EPS $36.97 18.1 x P/E

Recent News + Filings   (All items)
Date FiledTypeDescription
12/09/2020 GN Broadcom Announces Global Cyber Security Aggregator Program to Better Serve Commercial Enterprise Clients
12/03/2020 GN Broadcom Delivers 7nm 8x100G PAM4 PHYs for Hyperscale Data Center and AI Networks
12/02/2020 GN Broadcom Breaks New Ground with Trident SmartToR, Converging Switching, Routing, and L4-L7 Services
12/02/2020 GN Broadcom Expands Tomahawk 4 Family, Increasing Leadership in the World's Highest Bandwidth Switch/Routing Silicon
12/01/2020 GN Broadcom Unveils the Industry's First Open AIOps Platform Delivering a New Level of Full-Stack Observability for Hybrid Clouds
09/02/2020 GN Broadcom Delivers Industry's First In-band Management Application Reducing the Operational Cost and Complexity of SAN Ownership
07/07/2020 GN Synaptics to Acquire Rights to Broadcom's Wireless IoT Connectivity Business

Financial Summary   (All financials)
In millions, except per share itemsOct-29-17Oct-30-16Nov-01-15Nov-02-14
            Revenue growth33.2%94.0%59.9% 
Cost of goods sold9,1277,3003,2712,392
Gross profit8,5095,9403,5531,877
            Gross margin48.2%44.9%52.1%44.0%
Selling, general and administrative787806486407
Research and development3,2922,6741,049695
            EBITA margin25.2%19.0%29.7%18.7%
Amortization of intangibles1,7641,873249197
            EBIT margin15.2%4.9%26.0%14.1%
Pre-tax income1,825-1,1071,467342
Income taxes356427633
            Tax rate1.9% 5.2%9.6%
Earnings from continuing ops3,488-1,6272,782618
Earnings from discontinued ops-6-112-27-46
Net income3,482-1,7392,755572
            Net margin19.7%-13.1%40.4%13.4%
Diluted EPS$8.29($4.25)$9.90$2.31
Shares outstanding (diluted)421383281267
EBIT is a non-GAAP figure that excludes all non-recurring expenses: restructuring costs, asset impairments, IPR&D writeoffs, and other unusual charges.

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