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NameTickerClassSharesChangeValueChange% Port% OSHistDate
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. AUPHCommon0-801,1000-17,728,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
iSHARES TRUST IBDMCommon0-228,3340-5,647,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
DermTech, Inc. DMTKCommon0-150,9000-4,845,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
CASSAVA SCIENCES INC SAVACOM0-70,0000-4,346,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BSCLCommon0-190,9650-4,027,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
MARINUS PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. MRNSCommon0-200,0000-2,276,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
FIRST TR EXCNGE TRD ALPHADEX FYCCommon0-30,7980-2,205,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
CymaBay Therapeutics, Inc. CBAYCommon0-501,0000-1,829,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
ANAVEX LIFE SCIENCES CORP. AVXLCOM NEW0-100,3000-1,800,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
Rafael Holdings, Inc. RFLCOM CL B0-50,0000-1,537,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
Red Rock Resorts, Inc. RRRCommon0-27,7380-1,421,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
EQUINIX INC EQIXCOM PAR $0.0010-1,5000-1,185,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
AMERICAN TOWER CORP /MA/ AMTCOM0-3,9070-1,037,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
IBMJ IBMJCOMMON STOCK0-36,0530-922,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
Janus International Group, Inc. JBICommon0-74,6550-914,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
PIMCO DYNMIC CREDIT AND MRT PCICOM SHS0-36,8300-778,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
PACIFIC PREMIER BANCORP INC PPBICommon0-18,5510-769,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
CRACKER BARREL OLD COUNTRY STORE, INC CBRLCOM0-5,4040-756,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
CROWN CASTLE INTERNATIONAL CORP CCICOM0-4,1310-716,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
CARNIVAL CORP CCLUNIT0-27,8460-696,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
LivaNova PLC LIVNSHS0-7,7680-615,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
Teucrium Commodity Trust SOYBCommon0-26,1680-576,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
JETBLUE AIRWAYS CORP JBLUCommon0-26,8420-410,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
HODGSON DAVID C DGSETF0-7,3710-394,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
LITHIA MOTORS INC LADCL A0-1,1180-354,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
BEYOND MEAT, INC. BYNDCOM0-3,0420-320,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
PELOTON INTERACTIVE, INC. PTONCommon0-3,6470-317,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
MERCADOLIBRE INC MELICommon0-1870-314,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
Sunoco LP SUNCommon0-8,1350-304,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
WisdomTree Trust USFRCommon0-11,9440-300,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
COMPASS Pathways plc CMPSSPONSORED ADS0-9,6490-288,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
Teladoc Health, Inc. TDOCCommon0-2,2200-282,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
CHEGG, INC CHGGCommon0-4,1300-281,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
INVESCO EXCH TRADED FD TR II TANCommon0-3,3360-267,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
Qorvo, Inc. QRVOCOM0-1,5230-255,000,0000.000.00 Hist 12/31/2021
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