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NameTickerClassSharesChangeValueChange% Port% OSHistDate
Workhorse Group Inc. WKHSCommon1,361,000-206,03510,411,000-11,167,00026.101.10 Hist 09/30/2021
Lordstown Motors Corp. RIDECommon622,526-1,0004,967,000-2,371,00012.45  Hist 09/30/2021
Weatherford International plc WFTCommon158,413158,4133,115,0003,115,0007.810.23 Hist 09/30/2021
ASSURED GUARANTY LTD AGOCommon56,90010,0002,663,000681,0006.680.08 Hist 09/30/2021
LEE ENTERPRISES, Inc LEECOM107,404107,4042,431,0002,431,0006.091.82 Hist 09/30/2021
North Mountain Merger Corp.  Common166,41376,1111,629,000734,0004.08  Hist 09/30/2021
Five Point Holdings, LLC FPHCOM CL A190,55401,492,00052,0003.74  Hist 09/30/2021
AFC Gamma, Inc. AFCGCOM63,64663,6461,373,0001,373,0003.440.39 Hist 09/30/2021
Pine Technology Acquisition Corp. PTOCCommon137,080137,0801,322,0001,322,0003.310.32 Hist 09/30/2021
Enovix Corp ENVXCommon63,00063,0001,190,0001,190,0002.98  Hist 09/30/2021
GX Acquisition Corp. II GXIICommon102,000102,000991,000991,0002.480.27 Hist 09/30/2021
HENNESSY ADVISORS INC HNNACommon90,000-1,082865,00081,0002.171.22 Hist 09/30/2021
Romeo Power, Inc. RMOCommon88,10024,000436,000-97,0001.090.07 Hist 09/30/2021
Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc. CSSECL A16,79616,796384,000384,0000.96  Hist 09/30/2021
Coliseum Acquisition Corp. MITACOMM31,10231,102302,000302,0000.76  Hist 09/30/2021
M3-Brigade Acquisition II Corp. MBACCOM CL A29,00029,000287,000287,0000.72  Hist 09/30/2021
Evo Acquisition Corp EVOJCOM CL A27,00027,000261,000261,0000.65  Hist 09/30/2021
Macondray Capital Acquisition Corp. I DRAYCOM19,00019,000186,000186,0000.470.06 Hist 09/30/2021
Kismet Acquisition Three Corp. KIIICommon18,00018,000175,000175,0000.440.05 Hist 09/30/2021
AMBAC FINANCIAL GROUP INC AMBCW*W EXP 04/30/20245,6499,190172,0007,0000.43  Hist 09/30/2021
Burgundy Technology Acquisition Corp BTAQW*W EXP 08/31/202247,339232,814168,000152,0000.42  Hist 09/30/2021
Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp. ACAHCommon16,00016,000155,000155,0000.390.04 Hist 09/30/2021
Colonnade Acquisition Corp. II CLAACommon14,79814,798144,000144,0000.360.04 Hist 09/30/2021
TortoiseEcofin Acquisition Corp. III TRTLCOM14,50014,500140,000140,0000.350.03 Hist 09/30/2021
Mission Advancement Corp. MACCCL A14,33714,337139,000139,0000.35  Hist 09/30/2021
B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp. BRPMCOM CL A13,89913,899135,000135,0000.34  Hist 09/30/2021
Queen's Gambit Growth Capital GMBTCommon13,6515,551134,00055,0000.340.03 Hist 09/30/2021
D & Z Media Acquisition Corp. DNZCOM13,65413,654132,000132,0000.33  Hist 09/30/2021
Rosecliff Acquisition Corp I RCLFCOM CL A13,20011,200128,000108,0000.32  Hist 09/30/2021
North Mountain Merger Corp. NMMCW*W EXP 09/16/202142,594142,594126,000126,0000.32  Hist 09/30/2021
TLG Acquisition One Corp. TLGACOM CL A12,7408,740125,00086,0000.31  Hist 09/30/2021
Kismet Acquisition Two Corp. KAIICommon12,76112,761124,000124,0000.310.04 Hist 09/30/2021
Colombier Acquisition Corp. CLBRCL A12,81312,813123,000123,0000.31  Hist 09/30/2021
InterPrivate III Financial Partners Inc.  Common12,40512,405122,000122,0000.31  Hist 09/30/2021
Mason Industrial Technology, Inc. MITCOM 12,1607,860118,00076,0000.30  Hist 09/30/2021
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