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Apartment Income REIT Corp.

Income Statement

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In millions, except per share itemsDec-31-21Dec-31-20Dec-31-19
Total revenues  740.9719.6770.6
            Revenue growth  3.0%-6.6% 
Cost of goods sold
Gross profit  740.9719.6770.6
            Gross margin  100.0%100.0%100.0%
Selling, general and administrative  633.6737.5644.9
Other operating expenses  -367.32.3-363.1
EBITDA   [+]794.3300.7806.1
            EBITDA margin  107.2%41.8%104.6%
Depreciation and amortization  319.7320.9317.3
EBIT   [+]474.5-20.2488.8
            EBIT margin  64.1%-2.8%63.4%
Interest expense, net   [+]-58.7-12.4-9.3
Other income (expense), net  70.3135.8135.0
Pre-tax income  474.0-19.1488.8
Income taxes  -
            Tax rate    0.1%
Minority interest  28.4-5.426.0
Earnings from continuing ops  479.2-114.6488.5
Earnings from discontinued ops   11.219.5
Net income  482.5-102.5507.8
            Net margin  65.1%-14.3%65.9%
Basic EPS   [+]$2.94($889.71)$3.88
Diluted EPS   [+]$2.94($889.71)$3.87
Shares outstanding (basic)   [+]162.70.1125.9
Shares outstanding (diluted)   [+]163.10.1126.2
EBIT is a non-GAAP figure that excludes all non-recurring expenses: restructuring costs, asset impairments, IPR&D writeoffs, and other unusual charges.  

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