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Date FiledTypeDescription
07/19/2011 TRN Apple Management Discusses Q3 2011 Results
04/20/2011 TRN Apple Management Discusses Q2 2011 Results
01/18/2011 TRN Apple Management Discusses Q1 2011 Results
07/20/2010 TRN Apple Inc. F3Q10 (Qtr End 06/26/10) Earnings Call Transcript
04/20/2010 TRN Apple Inc. F2Q10 (Qtr end 03/27/10) Earnings Call Transcript
01/25/2010 TRN Apple Inc. F1Q10 (Qtr End 12/26/09) Earnings Call Transcript
10/19/2009 TRN Apple F4Q09 (Qtr End 9/26/09) Earnings Call Transcript
07/21/2009 TRN Apple F3Q09 (Qtr End 6/27/09) Earnings Call Transcript
04/23/2009 TRN Apple, Inc. F2Q09 (Qtr End 03/28/09) Earnings Call Transcript
10/21/2008 TRN Apple F4Q08 (Qtr End 9/27/08) Earnings Call Transcript
07/21/2008 TRN Apple F3Q08 (Qtr End 6/28/08) Earnings Call Transcript
04/23/2008 TRN Apple F2Q08 (Qtr End 3/29/08) Earnings Call Transcript
01/22/2008 TRN Apple F1Q08 (Qtr End 12/29/07) Earnings Call Transcript
10/22/2007 TRN Apple F4Q07 (Qtr End 9/29/07) Earnings Call Transcript
07/25/2007 TRN Apple F3Q07 (Qtr End 6/30/07) Earnings Call Transcript
04/25/2007 TRN Apple F2Q07 (Qtr End 3/31/07) Earnings Call Transcript
01/17/2007 TRN Apple F1Q07 (Qtr End 12/30/06) Earnings Call Transcript
10/19/2006 TRN Apple F4Q06 (Qtr End 9/30/06) Earnings Call Transcript
07/19/2006 TRN Apple F3Q06 (Qtr End 7/1/2006) Earnings Conference Call Transcript
04/20/2006 TRN Apple F2Q06 (Qtr End 3/31/2006) Earnings Conference Call Transcript
01/19/2006 TRN Apple F1Q06 (Qtr End 12/31/2005) Earnings Conference Call Transcript
11/07/2005 TRN M-Systems Comments on 'The iPod Nano Effect' for Flash Memory (FLSH 3Q05 Conf Call Quotes)
10/13/2005 TRN Apple Computer Q3 2005 Conference Call Transcript - Q&A (AAPL)
10/13/2005 TRN Apple Computer F4Q05 Conference Call Transcript - Prepared Remarks (AAPL)
10/12/2005 TRN Apple Discusses iPods and iTunes (AAPL 3Q05 Conf Call Quotes)
04/22/2005 TRN Synaptics Lowers Guidance, Sees Slowdown in MP3 Market (SYNA F3Q05 Conf Call Quotes, AAPL)
01/21/2005 TRN PortalPlayer on Its Customer Base and Customer Strategy (PLAY 4Q04 Conf Call Quotes)
10/14/2004 TRN Quotes from Apple's (AAPL) conference call

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