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1m | 3m | 6m | 1y | 2y | 5y | 10ySendGrid Inc offers cloud-based email services. Its digital communication platform, enables businesses to engage with their customers via email reliably, effectively and at scale. It offers three services: Email API, Marketing Campaign, & Expert Services.

CEO: Sameer Dholakia
Price: $35.48 Metrics
OS: 46.4 M -2 % ROE
Market cap: $1.65 B -12 % ROIC
Net cash: $166 M $3.57 per share
EV: $1.48 B

TTM Valuation
EBITDA $2.2 M 687.8 x EV/EBITDA
EBIT ($5.6) M
EPS ($0.42)

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In millions, except per share itemsDec-31-17Dec-31-16Dec-31-15Dec-31-14
            Revenue growth40.0%36.7%36.7% 
Cost of goods sold29.521.619.015.2
Gross profit82.458.339.527.6
            Gross margin73.6%73.0%67.6%64.5%
Sales and marketing28.221.813.715.3
Research and development29.621.219.015.3
General and administrative30.118.912.59.6
            EBIT margin-5.0%-4.5%-9.7%-29.2%
Pre-tax income-6.3-3.9-5.9-13.0
Income taxes0.
            Tax rate0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%
Net income-6.3-3.9-5.9-13.0
            Net margin-5.6%-4.9%-10.0%-30.3%
Diluted EPS($0.74)($0.52)($0.83)($2.50)
Shares outstanding (diluted)
EBIT is a non-GAAP figure that excludes all non-recurring expenses: restructuring costs, asset impairments, IPR&D writeoffs, and other unusual charges.

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